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What is Amazon Video Direct?

Amazon has created an opportunity for content creators to reach Amazon customers everywhere and they are serious because this is how Amazon say it works below;

Amazon will distribute a share of $1,000,000 per month as a bonus to the Top 100 titles included with Prime through Amazon Video Direct. This bonus—based on global customer engagement—is incremental to revenue earned from hours streamed, rentals, purchases, monthly subscriptions, and ad impressions. All of your titles included with Prime are automatically eligible.

Why Nine Figure Fresh & James Renouf?

James Renouf is the same guy who introduced us to Instagram, IMGUR, Retargeting and of course Roku. James is renown for being a disruptive marketer and on the cutting edge with an uncanny way of discovering  the “latest” before anybody else in world of online marketing gets a whiff.

james renouf

Why Listen TO Our Review Recommendation?

We bought the course and are currently working on our content, so we will not recommend something we don’t use ourselves or have tested to make sure it does what it is supposed to do.




What To Expect from Nine Figure Fresh

When you get access to this guide you will receive a step by step video training by default.
Yes, it is in PDF form, though there are links in every section to easy to follow step by step videos.

It wasn’t until James revealed some of his training examples currently being viewed on Amazon Video Direct, that I though this was a genuine opportunity for me.

The fact of the matter is this course is going to give you access to over 200 million buyers.
All without having any product of your own be it digital or physical.  

If you have your own products or something to sell even better. Without having any experience you can get paid.

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