Lifetime Upgrades of Animator Professional

Animator Professional The latest release of Animator Professional is v9.1.Soon we’ll be releasing more video courses plus v10, v11, v12…We get plenty of positive feedback and suggestions for future versions from our users – and Animator Professional is in active development.

Make no mistake, the program is terrific as-is, but we won’t stop there, and you’ll love the cool new features, so why pay every time there’s a new version?

Let me share a story with you: the other day I got a nice thank-you email from Vlad, who uses the Animator Professional for ONE PURPOSE only – to visually optimize the images for mobile web sites. When it comes to mobile phones and tablets that people on the move use, the Internet is never fast enough – and over 95% of the web-page loading time goes on images.

Can you spot the difference between the image on the left and the image on the right? Neither can I, nor can other people, but one is 6MB (SLOW to load) and the other one is just 118KB (ULTRA-FAST to load). To cut the story short, Vlad earns full-time income by charging to optimize the images on people’s web sites for the mobile delivery. He has no shortage of work because he can demonstrate the vastly improved loading time when the images are heavily optimized and compressed.

Photo Magic

I’ve brought up the story of Vlad and his image-optimization service so that you can see how just one feature makes a HUGE difference to the bottom line – and when we release an upgrade, we don’t just add one feature, but scores of them.

Lock in your Lifetime Upgrades now and NEVER pay for an upgrade again!

Dr Alex Davidovic

To YOUR success,
Dr Alex Davidovic

Lifetime Upgrades of Animator Professional
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