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fb live wire review on Youtube

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  • The history of Facebook Live, the future of it and why it matters to you as an Internet Marketer.

  • Everything you need to know about the Facebook Live feature and how to get set up and running.

  • The advantages that Facebook Live has over any other live-streaming platform on the internet.

  • How to create engaging, live videos that will build your following and get you TONS of views in record time.

  • Advanced features and live-streaming tips that will allow you to be portrayed as an expert…

Get Awesome Reach and Engagement Without Having To Fumble With Your Phone…

The video below is  one of my recent FB live videos where I was promoting a Live event for my BNI networking Group.
So I like the views and the engagement , but Facebook live on an iPhone is a bit of a pain…

With My iPhone

fb live wire review

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My Test Video After I Implemented FB Live Wire Training and Software

fb live wire

I went live on a test account I have so I can implement some of Rays tips and the software recommendation.

Our Recommendation

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