Knowing Your Audience and Your Numbers

To be able to connect with your audience, you need to know who they are, where do they come from, and what is it exactly that they’re interested in.

Knowing the stats of your TV channel is also essential for getting an advertising deal. To be convincing, supply the following information to the prospective advertisers:

  • The Number of Accounts Installed
    Your Roku account shows this information.
  • The Ratings
    Get the number of ratings and the star-average from Roku search.
  • Demographics Data
    All demographics data is supplied by your connected Quantcast account, including:
  1. Unique viewers, visits, installs and upgrades
  2. Daily / weekly/ monthly charts of US and worldwide viewers
  3. Male / female breakdown
  4. Viewers’ age
  5. Whether your viewers have or do not have children
  6. Income level
  7. Education
  8. Ethnicity
  9. Audience interests, and
  10. The breakdown by country.

All this information you see inside of your Roku account (the number of installations, the number of reviews and ratings), and from Quantcast (demographic data), which is fully integrated into the application that the C Point team compiles and packages for you to power your TV channel.

3 Main Reasons to Know Your Numbers

  • To connect with your audience
  • To supply to advertisers
  • To keep track of your revenue, and keep improving it

By logging into your free Quantcast account, you have full access to all the demographics data and charts. It empowers your decision-making, tells the story about your audience, and provides you with the crucial information for the advertisers and channel sponsors.

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