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Antechinus Animator Pro
Create animations in SECONDS

Animate in Seconds

Text Animations

Break-apart SVG


Easy Image Search

Animation Effects

Video Tutorials

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SPECIAL BONUS: Antechinus Animator Pro
Stop-motion animation in seconds: add still images, add sound, and create videos

Antechinus Animator ProfessionalWhereas Easy Animator Pro excels with vector SVG images, Antechinus Animator Pro works with still motion and photo images.

Together, they complement each other, giving you the power to animate in seconds any concept to illustrate your videos.

Antechinus Animator Pro comes with a HUGE library of effects that you can preview BEFORE applying.

BONUS-WITHIN-A-BONUS: Antechinus Photo Mages is packed with features to let you edit your images in no time, generate image maps, optimize your images for size, capture anything you see on the screen, and a lot more.

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Easy Animator Pro
Create vector text and image animations for your videos in seconds with the multitude of special effects, presets and templates

BONUS: Antechinus Animator Pro
Best complement to Easy Animator: create stop-motion animations and animate your photo images

BONUS: Antechinus Phot Magic
Edit your photo images, spruce them up with special effects, optimize them for mobile delivery, create image maps, and a lot more…

BONUS: 6-part Video Course on How to Create Professional Promotional Videos
Take the dynamic combination of image creation and editing with stop-animation to demonstrate your product with compelling persuasion and influence

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