You manage your TV program by using Inspire.Vision TV Channel Editor.

The images depicting the episodes, XML files defining the categories and videos, and other supporting files are stored on the Inspire.Vision dedicated server in Kansas City in United States.
The app that powers your TV channel is coded by the C Point team, and stored on the Roku server.

When viewers want to watch your channel, their Roku device downloads the app from the Roku server.
Your videos are stored on the video streaming server, and streamed on demand, when the viewer opens the particular program to watch, in one of the categories of your TV channel.

For simplicity and price, we recommend Vimeo Pro as your streaming server, which costs just $199 per year, and gives you unlimited plays.
Viewers use their Roku remote to access your TV channel.

Your TV app gets the info about all your shows from the Inspire.Vision iTV dedicated server, and displays it to the viewer.

The viewer selects the show to watch, and the video streaming server starts streaming the show.
26 million viewers in US alone have access to Roku TV channels.

Grow your TV audience, and appear alongside the giants such as Netflix, Disney, or Hulu Plus.
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