One of the things I love about Roku is that you only subscribe to TV channels that you’re interested in, instead of being swamped by some package deal full of low-quality channels that you never watch.

Another thing I love about Roku is that nearly all the channels that I am interested in are free 🙂  This week I’ve added Roshawnda Barlow’s new TV channel to the list, called ‘Mothers Making Money‘, and let me tell you, it’s a great choice for all business owners, and for those thinking of starting a business.

What is ‘Mothers Making Money’ All About?

As expected, you’ll find some terrific business tips there… but if you’d just like to sit back and relax, I find the Comedy Corner simply delightful. It’s the kind of humor that you appreciate.

I love my job, but that does not apply to all aspects of it equally (programming – bring it on, filling tax forms – ugh!), and I do tend to procrastinate, even if the task is an important one. For example, I usually do the quarterly Business Activity Statement at the last moment, and my mind goes into overdrive to trick me into delaying it as much as humanly possible without incurring the wrath of the Tax Office. If you’re like me and delay things on occasion, you’ll enjoy the ‘Simply Inspirational‘ episodes that Roshawnda has added to her TV program.

Mothers Making Money

The Channel Monetization

The ‘Mothers Making Money’ channel is free, and monetized via TV advertising, which commenced on 3rd of December 2015. As of today (Dec 7, 2015), the channel has been installed on 2,428 accounts.

In my view, TV advertising is the simplest and most profitable way to monetize your channel – there’s a reason why popular series like Two and a Half Men can afford to pay millions to the cast, and still recoup it with interest through ad-serving.

Coming Next…?

At the beginning, new TV channels often struggle to define their direction and win over the audience. In this regard, Roshawnda’s channel is already shaping up as a great one, I give it 5 stars, and I hear that she’s about to add the entire business-training courses to the TV program. Free, of course 🙂


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