The recent launch of our Inspire.Vision iTV V.2 of Get Your Own TV Channel on Roku, (Roku Channel Creator and Manager Platform), enables video content creators to get 5x more revenue due to the release of the MAXI design layout.
The new MAXI design layout allows for 5 times more in dashboard content to be displayed, directly impacting viewership for your Roku Channel

                                   Why Promote Roku Channel Builder?

We have a strong focus on our in house Roku Channel development, though we also wanted our opportunity for ad revenue to extend to our partners, so we then released our Inspire.Vision iTVs’; Roku Channel Content Partner Program.

We can’t take all the credit, because feedback from our current members suggested we provide an alternative for video content providers, who could not afford to invest in their initial or additional Roku Channels via Inspire.Vision iTV.

Introducing Inspire.Vision iTV Affiliate Partner Program – How To Create a Roku Channel

Attn Video marketers, online marketers and local business consultants

We are now launching the Inspire.Vision iTV Affiliate Partner program to Online Marketers, Branding Agencies, Business Coaches and Video Marketers looking to add a high end SAAS marketing solution to their product portfolio

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