Create & Manage Your Own and Your Clients’ TV Channels on Roku

Launch PUBLIC  COMMERCIAL TV channels with TV Boss.
Tap into world’s fastest-growing TV advertising revenue.

NEW: *** TV Boss ***

TV Boss is more than software – it’s a BUSINESS.

Comprising the video course + cutting-edge software, TV Boss is the world’s ONLY platform to let you launch and manage your own and your clients’ TV channels on Roku.

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Why have TV channel on Roku?

Roku is the leading provider of on-demand TV, with 26 millions viewers in the US alone.

Appearing alongside giants such as Netflix or Disney means:

  • Authority. Be the leader in your industry.
  • Traffic. Typically 10,000+ viewers in the first month alone.
  • Easy Monetization. TV advertising is big business.

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Service for Your Clients

Create and manage Roku TV channels for your clients. It’s easier than a YouTube channel.

Keep 100% of the subscriptions.

On alone, Roku channel designers are raking thousands every week.

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For WordPress Developers

WP Chat Boss
WP Code Boss
Drag and Drop Boss

In the Focus…

The First & Only “Multi-Purpose” Video Maker Featuring Customizable Talking 3D


No need to hire expensive freelancers, voice artists, or animators ever again!

Paul Ponna & Sid Diwar are back after delivering EIGHT back-to-back million dollar blockbuster software launches in the last 3 years.

And they are back with a BANG!

Be ye ready to meet this ultimate Game Changer that will turn Prospects into Sales!


Command attention, stand out from the crowd & crush your competition with customizable “Talking 3D Avatars”…

You can now design your own Disney & Pixar style “talking 3D avatars” and get them to speak in any language with life-like lip sync.

This will be a Multi-purpose 3D Animation Video Maker

There are no limits – customers get UNLIMITED access to all features for a low ONE-TIME price…

These are what you can expect:

  • Visual Custom Avatar Builder
  • Artificial Intelligence Scene Creator
  • Disney & Pixar Style 3D Avatars
  • Thousands of Ready-Made Video Templates
  • Logo Mapping Technology
  • Open-Canvas Custom Video Maker
  • 200+ Award-Winning Text-to-Speech Voices
  • 1-Click Language Translation
  • Millions of Royalty-Free Images […]

Sick and Tired of Your Measly Wage?

Are you are sick and tired of working your finger to the bone for a measly wage?

We all know that making passive income online is very possible but only if you have a proven automated system in place.

Normally, you need to spend a lot of time, money, and effort to achieve this.

Here’s the good news, you can get this proven automated system today, and make a passive income online right now.

What you will NOT need for this:
— Hard work
— Money
— Time and effort

it is ridiculously easy.

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There’s no time to waste, you need to see this for yourself and make up your own mind on how this system is going to
change things for a lot of people.

And the best thing is, this does NOT involve any of the usual stuff that Holds back 99% of people.

– You don’t need a website.
– You don’t need a product.
– You don’t need an email […]

[New PLR] An untapped auto list building strategy


Have you been struggling to build a list that converts into sales?

You’ve been told time and time again that the money is the list.

However, far too many business owners struggle with this rather simple concept.

You don’t have to worry again about it anymore.


EZ Viral Listbuilding – 9 Part Video Course With Full PLR!

Get Your FREE Copy Here and Learn How To Rebrand ANY PLR Video With A Few Simple Tweaks


You’ll learn strategies you can use to finally build a high-quality buyers list, even if you’re a complete newbie, and it won’t even take up much of your time!

The best part is, all the videos are completely white-labeled. There is no branding in the videos at all, which makes it easy for you to customize them for your own brand!

And, you will be able to get the full PLR to this video course.

Aside from the videos, you’ll also get ready-made sales materials, such […]

Backup, Store and Host your files for Lifetime


Everyone needs online cloud storage and almost every internet, user owns at least one account on Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, MediaFire or OneDrive

And we all pay monthly bills for it over the years.

Imagine if minutes from now you could have your very own cloud storage that enabled you to back up, store and share unlimited files… all for a one-time low fee.

You will be able to upload, backup, and share data from anywhere in the world from any device.

InstaDrive lets you securely store unlimited files on your very own cloud storage. You can back up important documents or photos and you can share unlimited files with your friends, customers, or business contacts.

And it’s all with ZERO monthly fees.

You can Easily Store, Host, and Access your Data Securely from anywhere in the world from any device.

One Time Payment | Newbie Friendly | High Converting Funnel

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It’s Perfect for…

  • Store Unlimited […]

A Full-Blown Video Hosting & Marketing Solution


Your Audience Can Sell This To Agencies, Freelancers, eCommerce Store Owners Or Just Start Their Own Video Marketing Agency In Seconds

Lightning-Fast Videos With 100% FULL CONTROL

Turn Your Video Into An INSTANT GIF For More Clicks & Traffic

SOLVES The Auto-Play Issue Once & For All

Marketing & Local Marketing Landing Pages Included – Perfect For Agencies

Capture Leads, Animate Your Buttons, Overlay CTA’s & More

Commercial License Included. Can Be Used With Clients Right Away

This is a Full-Blown Video Hosting & Marketing Suite – Lightning Fast Videos, 100% CONTROL, Lead Capture, Agency Templates AND Solves The Auto-Play Issue With Automatic GIF & Video GIF Integration

You are getting access to THE most unique, most recent, and most powerful Video Agency Software on the market right now, helping you build a full-blown Video Marketing Agency in Minutes!

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It is Good for:

It does so by solving […]

How to make a 6 figure income with a few clicks


Need something All-In-One software to quickly get sales?

Here’s Tagget that allows you to properly set up Interactive Campaigns for these NEW, UNTAPPED marketing channels in a matter of minutes!

This is the World’s 1st A.I Multi-Channel Marketing Platform that allows you to set up Interactive and Engaging SMS, Phone Call, Email, Story, and Interactive Voicemail Campaigns under one central dashboard – all at a ONE-TIME price during a special one-off launch period!

The most powerful and most PROFITABLE type of marketing campaign that you can EVER create!

Really amazing, Tagget is the FUTURE of Internet-Marketing!

With Tagget you can:

    • Have your web visitors call you directly with one click from your website
    • Be able to voice mail your prospects at will
    • Email them
    • WhatsApp broadcast them
    • Send text messages
    • Use chatbot marketing
    • Build instant messaging text and call funnels […]

The *HIGHEST* converting traffic on the internet


What happens when a top marketer discovers a strategy for real targeted traffic to his websites, which also brings him a passive income on complete autopilot?  

Well…I know software to automate this process and help others get to his level.

100% Free Traffic from google and youtube – without SEO?!

PointRank2 is a proven software and method, where anyone who owns a website, can now enjoy real targeted traffic, back to their websites. Doesn’t matter what niche you’re in. If you are looking for Real Eyes who will be engaging with your content, so you can generate more Leads, Sales, and Profits, with real proof, then you need to have this amazing tool.

I Can Keep Talking All Day… But You Know What Speaks Louder Than Me?




All You Need To Do Is To Follow The Simple Steps The Software Asks You […]

20-in-1 FB & IG Traffic Booster



Do you need TRAFFIC in your business?

Then, If you have an eCommerce business or you’re remotely interested in eCommerce, you should know that eCom and paid advertising goes hand in hand.

And interestingly, Facebook & Instagram remains the most effective way to drive tons of targeted and profitable traffic to your stores and Ecom offers.

But there’s a problem…

In eCommerce, discovering what works, involves a painstaking process of testing several products and Ads.

This is why so many people struggle with Ecom, so you’re not alone!

So, the easiest way to solve this problem is to spy on your competitors to see what is currently working and simply replicate it…

Unfortunately, there has never been an easy way to go about this… Until now!

But not until Postley was created. This is the latest & ultimate Facebook & Instagram traffic strategy that works.

Allows you to easily create winning posts that your audience will love and engage with,

Set automated rules to track and maximize reach and […]