Create & Manage Your Own and Your Clients’ TV Channels on Roku

Launch PUBLIC  COMMERCIAL TV channels with TV Boss.
Tap into world’s fastest-growing TV advertising revenue.

NEW: *** TV Boss ***

TV Boss is more than software – it’s a BUSINESS.

Comprising the video course + cutting-edge software, TV Boss is the world’s ONLY platform to let you launch and manage your own and your clients’ TV channels on Roku.

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Why have TV channel on Roku?

Roku is the leading provider of on-demand TV, with 26 millions viewers in the US alone.

Appearing alongside giants such as Netflix or Disney means:

  • Authority. Be the leader in your industry.
  • Traffic. Typically 10,000+ viewers in the first month alone.
  • Easy Monetization. TV advertising is big business.

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Service for Your Clients

Create and manage Roku TV channels for your clients. It’s easier than a YouTube channel.

Keep 100% of the subscriptions.

On alone, Roku channel designers are raking thousands every week.

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Case Study: New TV Channel by TJ Tipton

TJ Tipton, who used TV Boss to launch his first TV channel on Roku, has just shared his first stats on our vibrant private Facebook group, Roku Movers and Shakers. TJ has just reached 1,000 installs, and with his permission, I am sharing his results with you.