Create & Manage Your Own and Your Clients’ TV Channels on Roku

Launch PUBLIC  COMMERCIAL TV channels with TV Boss.
Tap into world’s fastest-growing TV advertising revenue.

NEW: *** TV Boss ***

TV Boss is more than software – it’s a BUSINESS.

Comprising the video course + cutting-edge software, TV Boss is the world’s ONLY platform to let you launch and manage your own and your clients’ TV channels on Roku.

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Why have TV channel on Roku?

Roku is the leading provider of on-demand TV, with 26 millions viewers in the US alone.

Appearing alongside giants such as Netflix or Disney means:

  • Authority. Be the leader in your industry.
  • Traffic. Typically 10,000+ viewers in the first month alone.
  • Easy Monetization. TV advertising is big business.

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Service for Your Clients

Create and manage Roku TV channels for your clients. It’s easier than a YouTube channel.

Keep 100% of the subscriptions.

On alone, Roku channel designers are raking thousands every week.

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For WordPress Developers

WP Chat Boss
WP Code Boss
Drag and Drop Boss

In the Focus…

Create Beautiful And Powerful Digital Product Review Pages In Minutes


Level up your marketing strategy in creating high quality, great looking and Amazon compliant review pages.

It’s more than EASIER and just takes a minute to create attractive product review pages.

Introducing… Easy Pro Azon

Easy Pro Azon can build a huge online presence of high converting review pages and create a video and text-based review page for almost any Amazon product.

You don’t even need your own website, products or bonuses, this software has you covered!

That’s not all…

It can massively increase your Amazon sales by creating detailed and personal product review pages that give them a more personal touch as well as confidence that real humans have bought or used the product.

Start as an Amazon affiliate or if you are already an Amazon affiliate then now is the time to ramp up your business.


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Things you can do on Easy Pro Azon:

••›Choose From Millions Of Amazon Products
••›Choose From Over 1,000,000,000 Review Videos
••›No […]


Revolutionary: eCom Lead Capture Funnels for Amazon, Etsy and Shopify



Funneleo is the PERFECT SOLUTION for capturing emails of customers and potential buyers on Amazon, Etsy and Shopify.

This new technology to Build Buyer Leads FAST even if you’ve never owned a store!

It allows you to build lists, deliver coupons, close more sales and grow your eCommerce visitors into lifelong customers.

Will increase your sales by offering them discount coupons to entice them onto your list AND bonuses to encourage them to buy more eCom products.

Also, for complete eCom newbies. They’ve made it completely beginner-friendly, by giving you a complete ready to go, plug and play Shopify store for your own.

I’m Interested!

                            Here’s what you can do with Funneleo

You will be able to:

••›Have your own eCom store (import and done)
••›Build buyer lists moments later
••›Instantly increase clicks and sales on Etsy stores, Amazon FBA stores […]


The most proven technology for INCREASING video conversions


A brand new cloud-based software with a drag-and-drop interface that’s going to CHANGE the way everyone does video marketing. Makes any video interactive by letting the VIEWERS choose how they want to watch the videos.

iVidz creates “interactive videos”, that allows viewers to customize their viewing experience by clicking inside the video.

This is the EASIEST way to create an engaging video experience that will get people to ACTUALLY watch your videos.

Breakthrough software transforms your videos into conversion engines that turn views into leads, sales & profits.

If you’re Social Media Marketers, Product Creators, Freelancers, Branding / Content
Marketing, eCom Marketers, and so on… iVidz is the missing tool you ever had and you will surely LOVE it.

And remember, it’s fully cloud-based so there’s nothing to download or install. You don’t need ANY tech skills or previous experience …

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This is the result when you USE iVidz as your marketing strategy:

••› VIEWING […]


Literally redefining what PLR means


What is PLR?

Private Label Rights (PLR) content, sometimes referred to as “White Label” or “Resale Rights” content, is a type of content that is commonly sold to Internet marketers and webmasters. … Many use it as “filler” content for when they can’t write material themselves.

Private Label Rights, often referred to as PLR, are one of the most powerful tools to have in your internet marketing armory. PLR means that you can alter the article/ebook or whatever it is in any way you wish…you could put your name as the author…you can add affiliate links into the content…you can change the content and its structure in any way you want…the possibilities are endless.

PLR products are a great way to get content for your websites, products to sell, graphics to use on your sites, and various other things. They can save you a lot of time and effort compared to creating your own […]


Instantly boost your WP Blog & Video Marketing


The best solution for the fastest Video Hosting Delivery you’ll ever need.


Superfast hosted video delivery via S3 & CloudFront without the complicated setup headaches.

Easy 1 Click CloudFront setup that securely delivers your video to customers globally with low latency and high transfer speeds.

Easily tracks how long your video has been played with Video Shortcode Statistics

Display timed content such as buy buttons that show up below the video at a defined point in your video.

A non-techie and super simple process to use for all your video needs.


Here’s the Quick Summary:

››Add Amazon S3 Video To Any blog
››1-Click Cloudfront Integration
››Inbuilt HTML5 Video Player
››Zero Ads, Watermarks, Or Links
››Save Thousands On Hosting
››Delayed Buttons & Autoplay
››More Leads, Sales & Profit
››Zero Tech Skills Needed
››You Don’t Even Need Your Own Videos



– Big Savings
– Don’t Need Your Own Videos
– Easy 1-Click Setup
– Mobile Responsive
– Video Player Included
– Zero Ads & Links
– Smooth Viewing Experience
– Delayed Buttons & Links
– Encrypted & […]


Create hyper engaging conversations with your traffic


What is ConvoBots?

ConvoBots is a brand-new technology that converts boring landing pages into interactive pages using the concept of “Progressive Disclosure” that is proven to maximize engagement & get more leads & sales.

Instead of putting random content on a landing page, using ConvoBots one can engage their visitors with meaningful conversations. ConvoBots is not just limited to engage your visitors but acts effectively to generate leads in the process.

Greatly fixes this issue and helps in reducing website bounce rates, increases engagement, and gets you laser targeted leads!

It is all about maximizing the conversions on the traffic you are already getting. You don’t have to spend another dime to get traffic and then struggle hard to convert that into sales.


Want to know more about what ConvoBots can do?

– Build your Subscriber list 5X faster
– Allow you to run campaigns from your or any domain.
– Take visitors by the hand (virtually) […]


Automated FREE Buyer Traffic

TrafficZion Cloud is a simple-to-setup software that virtually ANYONE can use to start getting consistent FREE Real Human traffic, who engage with your websites, on complete autopilot from a reputable free platform covering every niche possible.

A Push Button Traffic Software. One that gets you Real Users interacting with your Website on Complete Autopilot. No Bots. No Paid Ads. Ethical, and Traffic runs 24/7 for you.

A REAL PUSH BUTTON – Traffic getting software, created by a trusted vendor and talented software developer with a solution that will help anyone with a WordPress website 100%.

Also, it is a method, software, and backlink builder helping you Increase traffic on the website, who engages with your websites, on complete autopilot.

It’s time to really deliver real value to your customers and an incredible promo opportunity for you. It is literally good for online marketing on how to increase blog traffic.

Trafficzion Cloud is simple to set up software […]


Guaranteed High Converting Marketing Funnel

Revealing A Lightning Fast & High Converting Funnel, Landing Page & Website Builder For A Low One-Time Price

  • Sell products, services & training online without tech hassles
  • Build an email list and generate tons of webinar registrations
  • Boost affiliate commissions using review pages & sites
  • Convert visitors into sales with mobile responsive pages that load fast!
  • Sell high in-demand funnel & website creation services to clients with included commercial license.


And, you don’t need to Pay High Monthly Fees to ClickFunnels or any other Funnel or Page Builder to –

  • Build Huge Email List for Affiliate Promotions & Commissions
  • Sell All Your Info-Training Products to Grab Your Share of $398 Billion E-Learning Industry
  • Sell All Your Software Products
  • Generate Lots of Leads & Close Max Clients
  • Sell Your High-Ticket Coaching through Webinar Registrations
  • Start Your Own Home-Based Freelancing Services, Consultancy […]