Get Leads Who are RIGHT NOW Actively Seeking Your Products and Servcies

AI-powered B2B and B2C leads-generation service comprising:
Supplying In-Market Leads
Website Visitor Match

All leads are from United States.
We do not provide leads from other countries.

In-Market Leads

Could you use more customers?

When you look at your potential market, statistically only 3% of them are in-market at any given moment. This means that they are actively looking RIGHT NOW for the services that you supply.

By tracking their in-market behavior via artificial intelligence, we know when they fall in the 3%, allowing you to focus your marketing on the high-probability leads.

Website Visitor Match

Do you consider the visitors to your website as your potential clients?

If you do, then it is worth to follow up on them beyond cookies and retargeting.

Match the anonymous website visitor to a real person – including the name, email, address, cell phone, and the device ID, allowing you to market to them using multiple media.


Are your existing customers the lifeline of your business?

If they are, it makes sense to ensure that a) they are loyal to you instead of switching to a competitor, and b) that you do more business with them.

How? By the ongoing tracking of their in-market behavior and letting you know the moment they are in-market for your services.

How It All Works

By tracking and analyzing the the market behaviors we know when a person is in-market RIGHT NOW… and this is the FIRST TIME that this information is being generated through AI and machine-learning.

Website Visitor Match

We send you the new leads, and we match the anonymous visitors to your website to real people. From this moment on, you OWN the leads, allowing you to market to them on multiple platforms through Custom Audiences:

  1. Google
  2. YouTube
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Instagram
  5. Facebook
  6. Pinterest
  7. Twitter
  8. Bing
  9. Amazon
  10. DataZoo
  11. Mobile (iPhone and Android)
  12. Email
  13. Direct mail
  14. Outbound phone call

No more paying per-usage. With the Website Visitor Match you pay once and you own the leads – allowing you to nurture them properly and over time.




The leads are real people, not anonymous clicks, and one of the big advantages of going with in-market Leads is the 100% sales match accountability.

By on-boarding your existing clients you start monitoring their market behavior. When they are in-market, you receive the notification allowing you to not only ensure that your clients remain loyal, but also spend more time doing business with you, and at a greater frequency.

In-Market Leads Notifications

What in-market behaviors are being tracked?

  • Navigation Behavior

  • Keyword Search Behavior

  • Campaign Response Behavior

  • Social Media Behavior

  • Mobile Behavior

  • Content Consumption

  • Transactional Behavior

All the in-market behaviors of your website visitors and your on-boarding database are being fed to Prediction Engine Measuring, the artificial intelligence software, which analyses it around the clock, and identifies the people who are in-market RIGHT NOW.

When you receive the In-Market Leads Notification, you need to act immediately and market to this person.

You receive the In-Market Leads Notifications for new leads, matched website visitors and on-boarded  clients.



Active In-Market Leads service allows you to:

  1. Obtain new leads who are actively seeking the products and services that you provide
  2. Match anonymous visitors to your website to real people so that you can market to them, and
  3. Ensure that your existing customers remain loyal, and do more business with you.

My using multi-channel multi-touch multi-device marketing to people who are currently in-market for your services, you obtain the high-percentage conversions that were previously impossible.

Another advantage is that you get to greatly magnify your message to your market.






Q: How many people do you track?
A: Right now we track 125 million people in United States. We expect this number to increase this year to 210 million people.

Q: Do you track people who are not in United States?
A: No. Our service is 100% US-focused.

Q: We need customers from Australia, UK… are you planning to start tracking people in countries other than US?
A. Not any time soon. The technology is there, but complying with the laws and regulations of multiple countries is a significant challenge. For this reason we are currently focusing on the US market alone.

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