Here’s a fact that may surprise you: less than 1% of WordPress-website owners host their site on a platform that is actually OPTIMIZED for WordPress!

… and as a result, they miss out BIG TIME on client retention, and ultimately, sales.

How much exactly? We now know that every 1-second increase in loading time directly results in page abandonment (sources: KISSMatrics,, akamai):

This percentage is even more pronounced for MOBILE USERS. Here’s the graph showing how long mobile users are prepared to wait before they abandon pages:

The bottom line is, if an e-commerce site is making $100,000 per day, a 1-second page delay could potentially cost you $2.5 million in lost sales every year.

What can you do to speedup your site?

Some of the measures include optimizing your images, reducing the number of plugins, or installing a cache plugin…

…but there’s ONE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT MEASURE that you can undertake for the DRAMATIC difference in performance.

Here it is, put simply: host your WordPress site on a Nginx server instead of an Apache server, which is usually the case.

Why Nginx Instead of Apache?

I don’t want to get too technical, but the key difference is in connection-handling. Apache keeps one connection open for each user, whereas with Nginx additional processes are NOT needed for each new connection.

The net result:

  • For WordPress sites, Nginx offers the performance that is vastly superior compared to Apache, and
  • The higher the load, the bigger the difference in performance!

This means that you definitely want to use Nginx:

  1. When you have a popular website
  2. Or, when you’re running a product launch
  3. Or, when you run a TV channel on Roku through TV Boss software, whereby thousands of viewers can access it at the same time.

What About CPanel?

Because of potential compatibility issues, web hosting providers typically go for Apache and CPanel, sacrificing the speed of your website, or they go for Nginx WITHOUT CPanel, sacrificing the ease of management of your website. It’s a fact.

How do We Solve the WordPress Speed and Reliability Problem

It took us quite some time, money and effort to come up with the optimal configuration for WordPress Hyper-Hosting. Here’s what we do:

  • We have a dedicated server in Kansas City in US. Vastly superior to shared servers with 2,000+ other websites.
  • We have doubled the RAM on our dedicated server for better heavy-load handling.
  • We love and use Nginx.
  • We love and use CPanel – and we go an extra mile to make sure everything is beautifully integrated, and working together.
  • We now have a specialist Linux system administrator permanently on our staff.
  • We have load balancing scripts in place, and
  • We have extra speed optimization scripts in place.

How Can You Benefit?

We’ve invested heavily in finding the optimal solution for the fast, reliable WordPress hosting under heavy load…

…and we love sharing our solution with our clients. If you’re planning to have a popular website, or do a product launch, or run Roku TV channel creation services, you can share our dedicated server with us at a tiny fragment of the cost compared to doing all this work yourself.

Click HERE for all the details on WP Hyper-Hosting

P.S. We’re software developers, we have NO INTENTION of ever running this service for a large number of people. It is reserved solely for our clients, we only have 20 hosting spots left, and when they’re filled, this offer will disappear. Don’t miss out, secure WP Hyper-Hosting for your website now!