Registering Your License and Accessing Your Purchase

Unable to access your purchase? Quick tip: open the free account first, then follow the access-your-purchase link from JVZoo to add your purchase to it.
After making the purchase, please watch the video below to register your license and access your product:

Note: The registration steps might differ a little from one product to another.

Accessing Your Product – Troubleshooting

Orders are handled through JVZoo, which allows you to access all of your purchases in one location.

Products are delivered through the C Point members’ area – you’ll find them all under My Licenses.

  • Did not register your license? Login to JVZoo and click on Access Your Purchase.
  • Cannot login to JVZoo? Go to and refer to: Need help?
  • Registered your license, but cannot log in at It could be a simple matter of specifying the name/password for your account – follow the steps in the video to do it.
  • You don’t the product you’ve purchased at the Dashboard? The video above tells you how to add it to your list of licenses.


Email get lost of blocked, please use Support Tickets instead.

We answer ALL support tickets within 24 hours. If you did not receive an email, please login to your account and check your support ticket.

Product Launches

The product launch time is NOT the normal time, that when we receive LOTS of questions and requests. During the launch, we’d greatly appreciate you giving us 48 hours to address the issue.

Product launches do not last long, after which everything returns to normal.

One thing that can slow us during the launch is clients opening support tickets AND sending emails to the support with the same issue. When others do it, it takes us longer to get to your question. When you do it, it takes us longer to get to other people’s questions.

Your Satisfaction

All of us at C Point want you to be thrilled with out products and service – your quick Support Ticket can let us know how to improve them!