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The Sales Funnel and Commissions

We ALWAYS over-deliver, and people love our products because of their powerful under-the-hood functionality, combined with the friendly interface.

We’ll be offering GENEROUS LAUNCH SPECIAL for the first 7 days of the launch, before going evergreen.

For the launch of TV Boss, customers have the choice of 3 licenses:

  1. Single Channel
  2. Multichannel
  3. Agency, with the White Label OTO

As my JV partner, you get 50% commission on the entire funnel. That’s up to $283.50.

Do Our Offers Convert?

You bet! Some of our high-converting products are WP Master Developer and Drag ‘n Drop Boss. TV Boss Agency was on Roku Top 10 by Total Revenue for many days, here are 3 screen shots:

Do We Support Launches of Our JV Partners?

Yes, we do! Our list of active subscribers includes 10,000+ customers. We also do reviews, web promotions, Google hangouts and social media campaigns.

Let’s Connect

Let’s connect, partner up for the long run, and support each other’s launches and evergreen offers.

Dr Alex Davidovic

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Subject: FIRST TIME you can launch/manage your own AND your clients’ TV channels

Ever heard of Roku? It’s the world leader in on-demand TV, with 26 million viewers in US, plus many millions more around the world…

…and with the new software by Dr Alex and his team, it’s the FIRST TIME you can create/manage YOUR OWN and YOUR CLIENTS’ TV channels on Roku, and appear alongside giants such as Netflix, Disney, or Hulu Plus.


Having your own Roku TV channel gives you and your clients:

  • Income from day 1. In a click or two you setup the TV advertising. Get paid straight into your PayPal account.
  • Authority. Be the leader in your industry. This otherwise takes 5 year or more, but only weeks with the TV channel.
  • Traffic. New Roku TV channels typically receive up to 10,000 subscribers in the first month alone, simple because they’re there – without any promotion whatsoever.

Wish you were among the first to launch your YouTube channel, in the early days? Well, TV channel on Roku is an opportunity like that one was, only MUCH BIGGER.

The ability to launch & manage TV channels for your clients makes TV Boss very different from other products – it’s a whole BUSINESS.



Subject: Wish you were among the FIRST to have YouTube channel? This is bigger… MUCH BIGGER…
Subject: THE BEST thing you can do for your business RIGHT NOW

Remember when having a website was a big thing? Or, a video on a website? Or, your own YouTube channel?

Every new technology has its early adopters, who take the leap of faith, and dive in… but are they really better off as a result?

Well, the stats could not be more clear on this one: the early adopters who jump on an emerging opportunity capture 85% of the market; the second wave capture 10%; and everybody else squabbles for the remaining 5%.

Being an early adopter pays big time.

…and RIGHT NOW, for the first time ever, you can launch and manage TV channels for yourself AND your clients, and reap the benefits of the lucrative and fast-growing TV market.

Where? On Roku, the leading platform for on-demand TV in US, with 26 million regular viewers and growing.

How? With the clever new software called TV Boss that just came out. Up until now having a TV channel was reserved for the likes of Netflix or Disney and the others who are rich and mighty… but NOT ANY MORE, TV Boss is a game-changer.

Here’s the INDEPENDENT report that just came out by Jeremy, the CEO of Unrivaled Review:

TV Boss is a paradigm shift in earning money online. Never before had Unrivaled Review been presented with such a unique and exciting opportunity to generate a profitable revenue stream.

We found TV Boss to be a complete package; not just by providing the software and platform to create our TV Channel, but to provide an in-depth and easy to follow course in how to get the most out of it.

TV Boss has provided us with the competitive edge, and takes away all of the nitty gritty that is involved when creating an online business from scratch.

Check out what’s it all about — [YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE]


Subject: How’s this for a business idea…?
Subject: The profitable business you can launch TODAY

Here’s a question… what if you could offer your clients to:

  1. Become the leaders in their industry. Not in 5 years of hard work, which it normally takes, but in weeks.
  2. Obtain 10,000 subscribers in ONE MONTH.
  3. Start something new and profitable from day 1.

…do you think they’d benefit from 1, 2 or 3? How about ALL 3?

Crazy as it may sound, there is ONE medium that makes all 3 possible: TV.

…but while having your own TV channel up until now required deep pockets and a team of experts, THE GAME JUST CHANGED, thanks to the new software called TV Boss that just came out.

It allows you, for the FIRST time, to launch and manage TV channels for yourself AND for your clients, on Roku, the world leader in on-demand TV, watched daily by 26 million people in US alone.


Here are the FACTS:

  • TV advertising is a HUGE and BOOMING business. Roku is valued at $1.5 billion, with $400 million in revenue in 2016 alone.
  • You can monetize your TV channel with TV ads instantly, be profitable from day 1, and get paid straight into your PayPal account.
  • Being on TV is by far the FASTEST way to be recognized as an authority in your industry. In weeks, not years.
  • New channels on Roku typically attract 10,000 viewers in the first month alone with NO PROMOTIONS, simply because they are there.

TV Boss is more than software, it’s a BUSINESS. Written for non-techies, it completely takes technical complexity away.



Subject: Navigate through challenges using the collective intelligence of others

TV Boss easy-to-use software. Great!
Step-by-step video course. Great!

…but there is NO SUBSTITUTE for direct communication. That’s why the new TV Boss private mastermind group on Facebook is there.

Art Creator and Hero Image Club, TV Boss Mastermind are the HUGE bonuses you obtain with ANY TV Boss license.

1. TV Boss private mastermind group on Facebook

Share your ideas, get help, consult others before making major decision, take part in discussions, form alliances…

In short: navigate through business challenges using the collective intelligence of others.

Membership in this private group is priceless. Become the member for life with ANY TV Boss license.

2. Roku Channel Art Editor

Channel Art Editor is cloud based, and comes with templates you can use immediately.

Nothing to install. Literally click, drag, type.

$84 value, but for you complimentary with TV Boss license!

3. Hero Image Club

Monthly Hero Image Club is there to make your TV shows stand out and shine.
At Hero Image Club you’ll find:

  • Show posters for multiple niches
  • Lower thirds
  • Animated show interludes
  • …and a lot more.

Another $84 value, but for you complimentary with TV Boss license!



Subject: Here’s how to get 105,695 subscribers

TRAFFIC… a must for any business, but aren’t you tired of all those hyped-up traffic generation products that NEVER live up to expectations?

…well, I too have listened to too many false promises, which is why I prefer to only tell you about FACTS.

Fact: the Guitar School TV channel on Roku had 9,578 subscribers in the first 11 days, and 105,695 subscribers (in US alone!) after the channel has had the chance to establish itself, and here’s made the video to show you the LIVE stats for TV channels – watch it now (it’s half-way down the page) — [YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE]

That’s right, the Guitar School channel had 105,695 installs in US alone – with NO PROMOTING WHATSOEVER.

FULL DISCLOSURE: the WORST-performing channel, Chess School, had less installs, only 29,636. Chess is not the most popular topic on TV… but seriously, would you actually be UNHAPPY with 29,636 subscribers? How much money would it cost to get this many through pay-per-click advertising? There are big businesses out there with far less subscribers.

If there’s ONE thing you can do RIGHT NOW to secure the recognition and the big audience for your business AND for your clients’ businesses (they’ll not just pay you handsomely, but LOVE you for it!), it’s launching a TV channel.


  • Right-click on the banner and select ‘Save Image As…

Right-click on the image and select ‘Save Image As…’

Tips for Videos

Adding videos to your reviews and posts gives a big boost to their credibility. It’s a great way for the potential customers to get to know the product. The more they know about it, the more they will want it.

  1. Use the videos below in your posts and reviews
  2. Add your affiliate link to send people to the sales page for more info, and
  3. Send your list to your posts and reviews.

Video: Why launch your own Roku TV channel?

Here is the embed for ‘Why launch your own Roku TV channel?’ video:

…and the link to the streaming MP4 if you want to use a different player:

Sales Video

Here is the embed code for the sales page video:

Here is the link to the streaming MP4 if you want to use a different player:

Video: How to get free and high-quality video content for your Roku TV channel

Here is the embed for ‘How to get free and high-quality video content for your Roku TV channel’ video:

…and the link to the streaming MP4 if you want to use a different player:

Video: Here’s how to get 105,695 subscribers

Here is the embed for ‘Here’s how to get 105,695 subscribers’ video:

…and the link to the streaming MP4 if you want to use a different player:

Tips for Tweeting

  • People do not read tweets at the same time: when you post 5 tweets a day at different times, you get much better response rate
  • For better coverage, it’s a good idea to post the same tweet 3 times at 8-hour intervals.
  • Tweets that ask a question (with your link as the answer) are popular and often get retweeted
  • Do not forget to add the # hashtag to get your tweets retweeted
  • ALWAYS add an image to your tweet!


  • Create and manage your and your clients’ Roku TV channels — [YOUR LINK]
  • Start your own business: create and manage your and your clients’ Roku TV channels — [YOUR LINK]
  • FASTEST way to start your won business: create and manage your and your clients’ Roku TV channels — [YOUR LINK]
  • Launch your own TV channel on Roku… and monetize it with TV ads – it’s like early-days YouTube, only MUCH better — [YOUR LINK]
  • Launch your own ads-monetized TV channel on Roku, here’s how — [YOUR LINK]
  • Tap into MASSIVE TV advertising revenue, Launch your own TV channel on Roku — [YOUR LINK]
  • 9,578 subscribers in 11 days simply by launching your own TV channel – here’s how you can do it:  [YOUR LINK]
  • Want 10,000 subscribers in under 2 weeks? Launch your own TV channel! Here’s how:  [YOUR LINK]
  • Fastest way to $1 million: YouTube channel in early days. Guess what!!! You can do it TODAY with your own TV channel:  [YOUR LINK]
  • Biggest money-maker on Roku? Netflix! …and now you can launch YOUR OWN TV CHANNEL alongside it: [YOUR LINK]

Facebook Posting Tips

  • Search for the Facebook groups interested in one of the following:
    • Start your own business
    • Your own online business
    • New business ideas
    • Roku (general)
    • Roku Channels
    • Roku Freelancers
    • Roku Developers
  • Post the information below, with your affiliate link

Facebook Posts

  1. Being FIRST when the opportunity knocks has always been the fastest way to $1 million – like early-days websites, or early-days YouTube channels…
    …and TODAY, it’s launching your own and your clients’ TV channels on Roku. Check out this cutting-edge software, just released: [YOUR LINK]
  2. Looking to start your own business with an INSTANT AND FAT REVENUE STREAM? Launch and manage your and your clients’ TV channels on Roku with an IMMEDIATE TV-ads monetization. Here’s how: [YOUR LINK]
  3. Launch your own TV channel on Roku, monetize it with TV ads, start cashing in the revenue the next day. Here’s how: [YOUR LINK]
  • People buy for emotional reasons… but fact-based campaigns are hugely outperforming campaigns that resort to ‘awesome’, ‘great’, and ‘fantastic’ to describe the product on offer.
  • Use the FACTS below in promoting TV Boss

Facts Supporting TV Boss

  • TV advertising is a HUGE and BOOMING business – and TV Boss lets you tap into it TODAY.
  • TV Boss is the world’s ONLY platform to let to launch and manage Roku TV channels for your clients.
  • By far the FASTEST way to monetize video content is to launch a Roku TV channel – and with TV Boss you can do it literally overnight.
  • Roku is #1 on-demand TV provider in US.
  • Right now, Roku owns 49% of the overall US device video market.
  • Roku has 26 million viewers in US.
  • Roku is valued at $1.5 billion, with $400 million in revenue in 2016 alone.
  • Roku streamed 9 billion hours of content in 2016, up from 5.5 billion in 2015.
  • On average, viewers spend over 50 hours watching Roku channels every month.
  • With the Roku device, you can watch Roku channels on any TV, but 1 in every 8 smart TV units sold in US already runs Roku OS.

Tips for High-Percentage Conversions

Launching TV channels is not something that is on many people’s radars. They need time to warm up to the idea, and when they do, they love it more and more, and cannot wait to get started.

For this reason, sending just one single email to your list will generate sales, but giving them a chance to get to know TV Boss through multiple communications gives vastly superior results. You’ll notice a bell-shaped curve as more and more people buy the license, before reaching peak sales and slowing down.

It is best to spread out the benefits instead of trying to cram them all at one time, which may be overwhelming. Here are the angles to use:

  • Highly profitable service, for those who want to provide channel creation/management services to clients.
  • Authority and prestige that comes with having a TV channel.
  • Easy monetization with TV ads, and the fact that they pay a lot more ($12 to $14 per 1,000 ad displays) than ads on a website or YouTube.
  • Easy other monetization methods: your own products, affiliate products, infomercials, sponsorship, and paid subscriptions.
  • Traffic: typically 10,000+ viewers in the first month alone.
  • High-quality bonuses: private mastermind group, Art Editor and Hero Image Club

In the Video tab, you’ll find 3 videos you can add to your reviews and posts. Use them, they have big impact.

Step-by-step video course guides people through all the aspects of running and monetizing a TV channel. When you create a screen-capture video of the members’ area, it has big impact. To this aim, here’s the preview of the members’ area (the first 2 tabs are disabled, simply skip them).

Few things work better than to demo a product. Send those who already have a Roku device to watch Tango Together channel, which is powered by TV Boss.

Hardly anyone gets Single-channel license, nearly everyone buys Agency – which means that promoting the possibility of starting TV channel creation services means HIGHER COMMISSIONS and BETTER CONVERSIONS.

You can still increase the conversion rate MANY TIMES by running the webinar. You only need to set it up once, and after that, you have the powerful sales tool you can use over and over again.

Final Thoughts

The swipe titled “Here’s how to get 105,695 subscribers” is the PAYDAY swipe.

Before you start the campaign, creating TV channels is not on most people’s radar, but by the time you reach this swipe, it is. People now know about the possibility of creating TV channels, they’ve been warming up to the idea, and this swipe delivers the sale.

It is generally hard converting after a single email. Now it is easy. This swipe is the CONVERSION swipe, don’t miss out on it.

To your success, may the flow of commissions to you never stops!