People are using their smartphones every hour and need to target them using messenger email or other instant messaging apps.

So, Ankit Mehta and Anjali Adlakha think of an advantageous idea.

“Why just sending a message on a single channel while you can create an Omnichannel presence?”

Messenger + Email + SMS = Higher open rates upto 90%

Meet “Sendley” the most powerful cloud-based messaging platform that combines the power of Messenger, Bots, SMS, and Email at Zero Monthly FEE.

So, Welcome to the new era of Marketing.

This is your chance to earn 5k-10k per month for a simple task that just takes 5mins of your time.

Have the power to send unlimited emails, SMS, and messenger using the 3-in-1 autoresponder without paying any monthly fee. Enjoy high inboxing, high open rates, click rates, and 3x profit than ever

Sendley has some outstanding features that nobody has:

  • Sendly allows you to send unlimited broadcasts
  • Create Unlimited Messenger Bots
  • Send personalized emails
  • Send Sms Worldwide
  • Upload Contacts And Send Email/Sms
  • Send Messenger Broadcasts In 1-click
  • Auto Reply To Comments Or Send A Private Message
  • Get 3x More Open And Click Rates
  • Make Your FB Ads 3X Profitable
  • Send updates and drip campaigns through messenger
  • Collect email/SMS Leads through messenger
  • Collect Ecomm Orders, book appointments, and MORE
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This is the best autoresponder to make a huge profit from 3 of the best marketing channels. Sendley is the last autoresponder you will ever need.

Proven to…

  • Grow your leads
  • Get higher conversions
  • Segment your audience to the next level
  • Get seen and convert 3x over any traditional marketing method

The perfect and effective solution for getting higher open rates, sales, and conversions. Suitable for any niche, market, or business size. And now, you can manage everything in a single dashboard like never before.

All UNLIMITED just for you…

->Unlimited Emails
->Unlimited Chatbots
->Unlimited SMS
->Unlimited Broadcasts
->Unlimited Pages
->Unlimited Domains
->Unlimited Campaigns
->Unlimited Updates
->Unlimited Support

You can send links, images, videos, carousel, local, and more inside messages and can answer presale questions with auto-reply comments, send personal replies, or one time broadcasts.


A must-have Autoresponder for any niche, market, or business size whether it is e-commerce, retail, blogger, real estate, restaurant and cafe, travel. medical care, video marketing, or E-learning.


Now you can automate Messenger, Email, SMS – in just simple steps using Sendley as easy as 1-2-3.

STEP 1: Import your lists and create your campaign or collect leads on your website.

STEP 2: Automate or broadcast Messenger, Email, or SMS campaigns. Create chatbots, send automated replies, send automated emails/SMS, schedule broadcasts, or blast one time.

STEP 3: Convert all your leads, post commenters, get more open and click rates, and grow your business with tools that your competition isn’t using. Generate Massive Profits from 3 Most profitable messaging platforms under singlehood.



That’s not all, the best part is:
– NO competition
– Zero bounce rate (100% deliverability)
– Quick Engagement (people can’t stand not answering the “ding”)

This is one of the fastest ways you can move forward and grow your income going into 2021.

For any niche or business, Sendley can do wonders!

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