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With 7 layers of WordPress integration for developing plugins and themes, plus the all-inclusive support for HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, XML, and 2,500+ WordPress functions, WP Master Developer is the most comprehensive WordPress code editor available today.

7 Built-in Tools for Rapid WordPress Development

  1. Templates
    Instead of coding from scratch, simply fill-in the template for a WordPress plugin, shortcode, etc.
  2. Intellisense
    As you type, the Intellisense kicks in, giving you pick-lists and suggestions, and speeding up your work.
  3. Auto-complete
    Selecting from the pick-lists allows you to complete the names of the function, classes and other objects – automatically.
  4. Auto-popping WordPress Function Parameter Lists
    If the WordPress function accepts any parameters, they are displayed automatically.
  5. Ready-to-use Solutions
    This allows you to construct functional and great-looking user interfaces by adding a button, accordion, dialog, date-picker, progress bar, slider, tabs, tooltips or making an object resizable, draggable or droppable.
  6. Instant Help on Over 2500+ WordPress Functions
    With WordPress, 2,500+ built-in functions are at your fingertips – but trying to remember them all without the help of software is an impossible task. In addition to having Intellisense, auto-complete and auto-popping of parameters for all these functions, you can instantly obtain help for any of them. Just being able to see an example of how a function is used is a huge plus for your WordPress development.
  7. Easy Project Reuse
    Reusing an existing project as a head start for new projects (e.g. plugins, themes, add-ons…) is a breeze: the program will duplicate the entire directory structures, and zoom through the files to make all the text and code replacements needed for the new project.

Below are 4 tutorial videos on how to use the 6 built-in tools for rapid WordPress Development:




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