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WP Master Developer

Runs on Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7, 8 and 10

No thanks, I have a Mac
No thanks, I have a Linux machine

NEW in this version of WP Master Developer: WP Crawler Boss Brander

This generator creates the version of the WP Crawler Boss with your branding and the White Label license. It’s a crawler/bot/spider application, which crawls the specified URL, and creates the table of contents with the findings. The findings include:

  • Generator
    The version of the WordPress that the site is running.
  • WordPress Theme
    All the information about the theme: name, description, author, etc.
  • Links
    All the internal and external links on the page.
  • Images
    All the images on the page, with the actual image and the URL to it.
  • Post Content
    The entire content of the post/page is retrieved and displayed using the style of your active theme.
  • Post Content as Plain Text
    The content with the tags removed. That’s how Google and other search spiders see your page.
  • Top 25 Keywords
    The software analyses the page SEO to identify what the page is all about, and displays the top 25 keywords identified.

Here’s the sample output (only the Generator and WordPress Theme are shown):

Easily Create WordPress Plugins, Add-ons and Themes

...and you don't even have to sell them yourself - in the video tutorials we talk about the site where each popular WordPress plugin generates 200-2,000 sales per week.

Special upgrade of JavaScript Editor (codename: WP Master Developer) turns it into #1 code editor for WordPress:

7 New Built-in Tools for Rapid WordPress Development

  1. Templates
  2. Intellisense
  3. Auto-complete
  4. Auto-popping WordPress Function Parameter Lists
  5. Ready-to-use Solutions
  6. Instant Help on Over 2500+ WordPress Functions
  7. Easy Project Reuse - Head Start for all your New Projects

Also: run WordPress on your own computer for even faster development, and syntax-check PHP and JavaScript code with a mouse-click.

For more info on how to create WordPress plugins, watch 4 tutorial videos:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

ONLY WHILE THE SPECIAL IS ON - You get the following BONUS with the software:

Dr Alex's award-winning video course: "Learn Programming: from Novice to JavaScript Guru in 2 Weeks"

It's a step-by-step guide with all the tools and resources you need to master all your web projects with ease and confidence.

On Udemy, people pay $50 to access this course, and there are over 1,300 students enrolled, with plenty of 5-star reviews.

Check it out here: https://www.udemy.com/learnprogramming/

This product is ideal for people who want at least one of the following:

  • Want an easy, hands-on way to learn programming
  • Want to make a living in the multi-billion dollar software industry
  • Want to create WordPress plugins that people need and buy
  • Want to do programming as a hobby
  • Want their web pages to stand way above the competition
  • Want to create stand-alone applications, components or libraries
  • Want to customize the way their Office and other top-level applications work

SPECIAL BONUS TUTORIAL: 'Learning Recursion through JavaScript'

Once you've mastered RECURSION, you can call yourself the CODE NINJA 🙂

Recursion occurs in the natural world too, and when it does we're always a little puzzled by it - like when 2 mirrors are reflecting each other, or when the TV shows the image of the TV, which shows the image of the TV, which shows... you get the idea.

In the digital world, recursion is a powerful programming technique you can apply as a simple solution to the whole range of situations that would otherwise be difficult to solve. In a nutshell, the recursion occurs when the function calls itself, bringing you closer to the solution with each recursive call.

Unfortunately, of all the programming concepts recursion is perhaps the hardest to understand.

To assist you in mastering it fully, we have devised an adaptive tutoring system called 'Learning Recursion through JavaScript'. You learn at the pace best suited for you and the program ensures you receive the best quality instruction at all times.

...and when you master it, you'll wonder how you could live before without recursion 🙂

...and you, my dear friend and the fellow web warrior, will become the CODE NINJA!

Originally Posted by rob54 View Post
Your new version is not just an excuse for a new version with only a minor tweak here and tuck there, Its a major upgrade, pregnant with new "desirable in demand" features. Fantastic value you and your team are delivering Alex.
Originally Posted by Alton Hargrave View Post
It is a great software and one I intend to use to learn coding. And, the price is shockingly low in my opinion.
Thanks for offering it here.
Originally Posted by Kochise View Post
Hi dralex,
Nice piece of software, just purchased, already testing it out and amazed by all the features...
Originally Posted by pfunk View Post
Well, I have purchased a lot of WSO's only to find that most of them just didn't live up to the hype and I just wasted money or had to get a refund.

Not so here. This is a great piece of software and worth every penny! I highly recommend that anyone who wants a good code editor to buy this one.

No I'm not affiliated in any way, but the author of this plugin deserves KUDOS.... BIG TIME.....

I really just can't say enough.

Thanks dralex
Originally Posted by schmutly View Post
...Grabbed this immediately...
...I'd jump on this if your even thinking about learning a language, there are very few skills more valuable than having a solid handle on JavaScript.
Thanks again Alex, great offer
Originally Posted by Terry Jett View Post
What a great deal Dr Alex!
... After buying and going through the software I am highly impressed. Better word would be blown away!
Originally Posted by sgregory View Post
Just purchased and that went very smoothly. A very capable editor, with lots of goodies on it. The help section is so complete and well done that it could have been a standalone product.

JavaScript Editor

Originally Posted by dadhere View Post
Awesome deal here!
Originally Posted by Ex925er View Post
I just wanted to let you know I purchased the software. The price is ridiculously low in comparison to what you receive. It was fun to program my first code Hello World in JavaScript.
I want to say thank you for the extras. I am currently starting your Udemy course.
Originally Posted by Terry Jett View Post
I am finding it hard to believe that not more people have taken notice of your fine software. If anyone is still on the fence about Dr Alex's offer here, can tell you it is out of this world I still find it hard to believe myself with the low price offered, but do not let that fool you.
...Note to all who have NOT gotten this: EXCELLENT software!
Originally Posted by sgregory View Post
I just wanted to pop in and say the Udemy Class is really very good. Its very well presented and moves at a good pace, not too fast and not too slow. I am actually taking awhile to go through it because of work, travel, etc. What a great addition to the software.

I HIGHLY recommend both the software and the Udemy Class.

Thanks Doc!

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