Drag ‘n Drop Boss 2

WordPress Money-Making Platform for Webpreneurs

Multiple Monetization Methods

WordPress + Drag ‘n Drop Boss. That’s all you need to start making some serious web income.

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Get Affiliate Income

Use OTHER PEOPLE’S training videos with YOUR call to action in pre-roll videos, text and image banners.

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Sell Market Research
Sell Animated Presentations to Clients
Sell Opt-in and List Creation
Sell Ultra-Fast WordPress Design
Sell Your Own Products
Sell Traffic
Sell Video Advertising
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Tools, Plugins and Resources

Get Your Netflix-style TV Channel on Roku

  • DONE FOR YOU: we compile and package the app to power your TV channel. You manage your TV program online via InspireVision TV Channel Manager. Hosted on the dedicated server.
  • Gain massive audience – 26 million US viewers watch Roku TV channels every day.
  • Gain authority and become the industry leader. You appear alongside the giants such as Netflix, Disney, or Hulu Plus.
  • Step-by-step video tutorial included on how to manage your channel, and how to Monetize it with TV advertising and 5 other ways.
  • Easier than running a YouTube channel. More Info

In the Focus…

How to Bring Your Static Images to Life

Here's the training video demonstrating several cool techniques on how to animate static images. The results are stunning!

Why do PCs use LED lights?

Without the LED lights our computers would look a bit more like giant calculators, with dim screens that we’d have to squint to read. But, why LEDs?

Free Alternative to AWeber, MailChimp, or GetResponse

Services like AWeber, Mailchimp or GetResponse do the job, but cost a lot, and you're NOT in control - they are. Luckily, a free WordPress newsletter and autoresponder campaign manager comes to the rescue.

WordPress for Biz, Business-Boosting LinkedIn Group

When it comes to using WordPress for your business, how do you know what works and what doesn't, and which tools are best for the job?

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